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We Have a Large Secretarial, Admin & Support Staff.

Qualified personnel and dynamic leadership are the foundation for the success of Engelsman Magabane Inc. With 6 directors, the firm is one of the largest in Kimberley and the Northern Cape Province.

This leads to better service delivery across a wide spectrum of legal services.

Staff Complement

The firm has a staff of 30 (practitioners excluded). This includes an accounting department consisting of 3 staff members, a conveyancing department consisting of 8 staff members, debt collection division consisting of 5 staff members and the remaining members of staff constitute the commercial division, administration of estate division, criminal law and litigation divisions.

Gender & Race Composition

More than 90% of the staff are female and approximately 25% of the staff are non white. Approximately 90% of the non white staff members are female.

Engelsman Magabane Inc has a BEE rating of Level 3, which rating has been provided by an accredited rating agency.




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